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Colleen Fabling
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As Director of Resurrection Ministries Colleen oversees and organizes local fundraising and event planning, and meets with homeowners who have been nominated for aid.  

Many projects are focused around home repairs for widows, single mothers, disabled individuals, and those seeking employment.   

For the past two years, Colleen has put her heart and soul into her work. And then came 2020.  As the pandemic had now locked everything down, every single project came to a screeching halt.  Looking back, Colleen laughs, “Now, when you tell a doer they can’t do, they immediately work on figuring out what needs to be done to make doing possible!”  Deeply discouraged, she spent a lot of time in heart-to-hearts with God. “He took me to John 15… this passage emphasizes abiding in Christ because without Him we can do nothing.  I realized that if I wanted God to teach me through this it would have to flow out of deep, purposeful abiding with Him.” 

So Colleen did just that,  she spent her days praying and reading the word, pleading for direction.  In time, she found clarity on ways to move forward with her mission to help others. 

As soon as they could, RDR shifted gears from manual labor to delivering groceries.  They dreamed up creative ways to fundraise and assess needs. The first time out they delivered groceries to over 100 families and it grew quickly from there.  The last two scheduled deliveries they served 250 family units! 

Each project weekend consists of gospel training in the morning hours followed by hands-on service in the afternoon. Teams scatter all over the city to deliver groceries or work on homes.  They’ve ministered to families living in motels, single parents, shut-ins, and refugees. 


Colleen is excited to see RDR continue to meet needs in the community and expand to welcome a whole new demographic of volunteers.

“Some people feel they can’t necessarily swing a hammer or climb up on a roof. But they can deliver groceries and have conversations.  They are learning that they can still serve their neighbors in a very practical way and it opens doors to share the gospel. It has been amazing to watch.”

Colleen has such a large vision for RDR's future, and she is just getting started. 


Resurrection Disaster Relief (RDR) formed in Fall 2011 after a mission trip to Amory, MS. While on the trip, a team of volunteers saw lives healed through the rebuilding of homes. Our goal is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and to be His hands and feet. The book of Hebrews, chapter 3 verse 4 states "For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God". We believe that it is through God that this team and mission is possible.

In 2021, they formally changed their name to Resurrection Ministries. 

Our ministry is 100% volunteer based, including our Leadership Team. 
We are a 501(C)(3) not for profit organization.


about us

We exist to Reach, Disciple and Restore the community through gospel centered serving. 



This crew brings hope where there wasn't any, they build back up what was once broken and they do it all out of love. Love for God and love for others.


The work they do is so wonderful and they give the glory to God. May God bless all of them and all of whom they come in contact with.

This ministry is truely a blessing from God!...They came to Hopkinville and brought the love ofJesus and are making our New Home for Grace and Mercy come alive...Im so thankful to have this new extended family!!!


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