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Roger's Home Renovation Project

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Rebuilding homes, Rebuilding lives 

Grocery Outreach

Bringing the Gospel and groceries to the door step

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Until the Light Turns Green Outreach

Bringing the Gospel and essential needs to our homeless community members

about us

We exist to Reach, Disciple and Restore the community through gospel centered serving. 



This crew brings hope where there wasn't any, they build back up what was once broken and they do it all out of love. Love for God and love for others.

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The work they do is so wonderful and they give the glory to God. May God bless all of them and all of whom they come in contact with.

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This ministry is truely a blessing from God!...They came to Hopkinville and brought the love ofJesus and are making our New Home for Grace and Mercy come alive...Im so thankful to have this new extended family!!!

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